We are back in gamedev

Feb 21, 2021 by Ilja K.
We are back in gamedev

It has been a while since the last post here. It is all because of the very important and even more positive changes in Löwenware. From this post you will know what was happening for the last half of the year and what are our plans.

In June 2020 I've decided to hire a developer to join and help me with projects I've been doing for customers. One of the candidates, his name is Stepan, had experience with game development. Based on this, we've found many common points. I've been playing with OpenGL and C couple years ago and I must admit that it was something I enjoyed most of all in my programmer's career. Stepan made several games with Unity.

Long story short, I have convinced Stepan to start a gamedev project in Rust. After trying such a great projects as Amethyst and Bevy game engines we decided to make our own: lighter, simplier and oriented on functions that game developers actually need.

So, that is how Dotrix project was started. Sharing time between our commercial projects and Dotrix, we've been progressing with the implementation. There was so much work and so many administrative things to do, so I've completely fallen out from the blogging. Our turnover has grown up, so we became a VAT payer and it took some additional capacities to handle all the legal stuff.

Right now in addition to Dotrix itself, we have two game projects in work. One of them is simple, to proove the Dotrix concept and second one is much bigger. I will tell more about it in further publications, but what is important now, is that we are developing features for both of them. On the top of the post, there is a screenshot of the world editor we are making for our Big Project.

If you are interested in this, you may want to follow @lowenware on Twitter or watch some demos on YouTube.