Not obsolete medium

Operating in IT sphere and being surrounded by a great number of electronic devices, we still believe, that paper as a medium is not obsolete. It doesn’t matter where you go and wherever you are, if there is electricity or not, paper still works. You don’t need special programs or apps for writing, drawing, painting, making origami or anything else, just a sheet of paper and your imagination. Paper medium opens a numerous ways for your art. Choose your writing material and start. Even a piece of coil is fine. Paper helped people to create and fix their ideas for many centuries, it helps them nowadays. So that is why we produced our own multitask paper notebook.

Connecting the dots

It was built on our team experience. Each of us wanted to have something special, in accordance with his or her operating tasks. For that reason dot lining became our decision. You can use it as a number of lines or cells, or just ignore it. Connect the dots in your manner.

How to use

Matrix of dots on the sheet of paper turned to the idea of name “Dotrixbook”. From that moment our team started the process of testing. We were coding, drawing schemes and circuit schematics, mind maps, sketches and even furniture plans, writing texts - that is not the whole list of our activities. We believe, you can find even more ways of use.

Get your own “Dotrixbook” or support project

If you are interested and already know, how you would use “Dotrixbook” in your daily life, feel free to order and get it. We also will appreciate any support of the project and contributions. Or contact us, if you have ideas of collaboration.