February 21, 2021@gamedev / #dotrix

GameDev Relaunch

It is been a while since the last post here. It is all because of the very important and even more positive changes in Löwenware. From this post you will know what was happening for the last half of the year and what are our plans.

Dotrix Editor

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April 11, 2020@osdev / #rust #leos #aarch64

AArch64 GIC and timer interrupt

Getting timer interrupt is a common task in todo list of OS developer. Although it is very simple task on some architectures, to have it on AArch64 you need to configure so called Interrupt Controller. From this post you will know how to initialize Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC), control priorities and target an interrupt to specific core.

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April 04, 2020@osdev / #aarch64 #leos #assembler

AArch64 MMU Programming

MMU stands for Memory Management Unit and it is responsible for virtual memory address translation and memory access control. Being one of the most important subjects of the OS development, it could be at the same time very confusing. In this post I will try to clear out MMU programming process.

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December 07, 2019@tutorial / #aisl #webdev #backend #minion

Get Started With AISL

When you need to have a reliable high performance back end solution, the choice of technology stack does matter a lot. The main advantage of AISL is that it allows you to build an application over HTTP stream and react on various headers and content parts on the fly. It is a secure way that preserves CPU time a lot.

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