About Löwenware

Project Löwenware started its life in year 2014, when its founder Ilja Kartashov (aka Elias Löwe) decided to create a tool for high-performance web applications development. That was a multithread synchronnous solution called WebStuff those days. Active development process has turned it into completely new tool named AISL. Commercial interest to this solution allowed to establish Löwenware company in Czech Republic in 2017.

Performance does matter

We live in the era of high-end computers that can provide incredible user experience solving our daily tasks. Unfortunately mainstream development tools are focused more on making programmer's life easier, than on product performance. At the same time we have older technologies optimized for much less efficient hardware. They require higher skill, more time and efforts, providing you as a developer full control over hardware, making possible to keep things simple and in the end to build fast and usable application. With no doubt, we prefer just such technologies.

While avoiding usage of some fasionable tools, keeping simplicity and some kind of minimalism in our projects, we are not conservators, neither nerds. We are quite open to shiny wowing stuff, but we just think it must be reached in a bit other way.


By opening source codes we allow other developers to contribute to our projects and at the same time we contribute to work of other people who may use some of our workouts and ideas. Such collaboration between developers all over the world pushes technology progress forward and we like it.

At the same time we are open for commercial projects and investing incomes into our open solutions development and support.


We are working on many interesting projects and not all of them are applications or libraries. In 2018 we've lanuched production of Dotrix books that we wanted to use in our team and actually we use them a lot nowadays. We like them that much that we decided to spread them over other designers and engineers.

In 2019 we've started our experiments with video processing, sound recording and OpenGL development that will turn into new projects and new content in some nearest future.