Ilja K.

Hello! My name is Ilya Kartashov and I am glad to welcome you in Löwenware - my software studio established in 2017.

I have written my first program in QBasic when I was 8 years old and fell in love with programming. Since that time I studied a lot about computer sience, networking, web technologies and operating systems. Nowdays I offer my skills to various companies as external software and firmware developer. In spare time I contribute to open source projects and develop LeOS – operating system for ARM 64 and AISL – library for web back ends.

Performance Does Matter

Being and adept of high performance and optimization I always care a lot about how my applications work and how effective they are. I believe that if an end user have to wait for a web page longer than it is required for downloading its content, then something was done terribly wrong.

As a developer I am very careful with choice of technologies and algorithms I use. And process of finding the best algorithm for the task is what I enjoy the most in my work.


I think openness is a key to a bright future of computer technologies. Collaboration of developers over the world pushes the progress forward, bringing up better ideas and solutions. Wishing to be a part of it, I publish my work on GitHub and contribute to other’s projects.

A Bit More Than Just a Software Studio

Löwenware is a very small studio. But it has a big goal: to create a 100% open source computer, that will serve needs of humanity with respect of personal privacy and security, that will be fast, robust and user-friendly, with a comfortable environment for creators and flexible policy of software distribution. Today it is more than real and it is only question of the efforts for a dream to become true.