Joining 100 Days of Code

By Ilja K. @news / May 24, 2020

Some time ago I decided to join the 100DaysOfCode challenge. I wanted to start on June 1 with a new Milestone from the roadmap, but I feel some lack of focus on the project due to other tasks, so perhaps it is worth starting right now. To get updates follow me on Twitter.

Last two weeks I’ve been analyzing more than coding. Multitasking itself was not that complicated to implement, but to really continue development instead of just prototyping, I needed a proper virtual memory management, that was not planned before in such a scale. Nonetheless I’ve found an algorithm to stick with and I plan a separate post about it.

Today I’ve finished with the implementation of memory mapping. It requires more testing and debugging though, but that will be my task for tomorrow. As usually the most recent code is on GitHub.