AISL Technology

AISL is an acronym for Asynchronous Internet Server Library - a C library for web development with built-in lightweight asynchronous HTTP server. It provides callbacks on various stages while serving client's request, making possible creation of standalone web application with impactful performance, that could be distributed even as a single binary file.

AISL can power up wide range of applications from small web site to complex IoT or mobile application backend.

The Technology

AISL is our contribution to faster Internet. And it is already more than just a library. We are currently working on implementation of HTTP 2.0, SDK and set of utilities that will boost not just applications speed, but also development itself.


AISL is free for both commercial and non-commercial use, being distributed under terms of CC BY-ND 4.0.

Creative Commons License


AISL installation is platform dependent. You have several options here: install from sources, binaries or packages.

Quick start